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Automated Locale Distribution

Automated Locale Distribution:

It can be a little difficult choosing which language model to add to your skill, especially if you are releasing a skill that could be used in multiple locales. To find out if your skill could be available in more countries than you might initially think, you can use the “Automated Locale Distribution” option.

If you opt in, when you submit your skill, the skill certification team assesses whether your skill is eligible for distribution to all locales of a given language. For example, if you support English (US), automated locale distribution can enable your skill to support additional locales like English (UK) and English (India).

How to opt in to automated locale distribution:

  1. In the Availability section, select the Opt in to automated locale distribution check box.
  2. For each language, choose the locale to use as the source for distribution to other locales of the same language.

Automated locale distribution is available for some, but not all, languages. The Unsupported languages section shows the languages your skill supports that are not currently available for automated locale distribution.

For more information on this topic, check out these links:

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