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Tips for a Successful Alexa Skill Certification: Utilizing Built-In AMAZON Intents and Slot Types

The Alexa Skills Kit includes a large library of built-in intents you can use instead of creating your own. Using the built-in intents is useful for several reasons:

  • You do not need to spend the time writing sample utterances for the intent.
  • Users can use common, consistent phrases to access the intent across skills. This makes it easier for users to work with your skill.
  • Your skill gets the benefit of any future updates to the Alexa service that improve recognition and utterances for these intents.

To add a built-in intent to your skill, create a new intent as normal, but select the Use an existing intent from Alexa's built-in library option. You can search through the full built-in intent library from there within the developer console. Click Add Intent for each built-in intent you'd like to add.

In the same vein, when assigning slot types to slots within your skill, you can use a built-in slot type. The built-in types include types for converting data such as dates, and types that provide recognition for commonly-used lists of values, such as large cities. You can extend some of these types with additional values as well.

To assign a built-in slot type, click an intent in the left-hand navigation to open the detail page for the intent. Then, in the Intent Slots section below the sample utterances, click the slot name and select one of the built-in types from the list.

For more on built-in intents and slot types, check out these resources:

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