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Tips In-Skill Purchasing - Ensuring In-Skill references only in supported locales   

In-Skill Purchasing (ISP) is available in the locales below and it is not available yet in other locales. To provide a good customer experience, please ensure that ISP references are only included in ISP supported locales.

ISP is currently available in these regions:

  1. English (UK)
  2. English (US)
  3. French (FR)
  4. German (DE)
  5. Italian (IT)
  6. Japanese (JP)
  7. Spanish (ES)

ISP references includes all the customer facing information, such as, skill descriptions, example phrases. what’s new information, skill tittle, vocalized responses.

We want to ensure that the user has the best experience while interacting with Alexa and not be confused with ISP information in regions that does not support it. This may cause confusion and bad experience for users, if they try to access any ISP content in NON-ISP supporting locale.

For instance, a skill ‘Yoga at Home’ can offers premium content only to users for ISP supported locales, but in the vocalized response, it prompts user also in unsupported locale to locales to opt for premium content. The skill was available in locales English (UK), German (DE), English (IN) and English (Australia).

Since the feature is currently not supported for English(IN) and English(Australia), it led to rejection of the skill during certification.

Thus, we recommend you to review all locales added to your skill at the time of integration of ISP and its reference material, to eliminate the chance the your skill being rejected for this reason.

For more information on how to add or edit ISP, you can also refer to the documentation or reach out to us via developer support contact us page.

Happy Skill Building!

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