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More Immersive Audio and Visual Experiences

Add visuals to your skills with APL 1.4

APL 1.4 is the latest update to APL, and adds editable text boxes, drag and drop UI controls, and back navigation so customers can return to previous screens within your experience. You can also take advantage of new live previews in the updated APL authoring tool, and use new APL authoring and preview support in the ASK toolkit for Visual Studio Code (VS Code).

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Author and render APL locally with Alexa Skills Kit toolkit for Visual Studio Code

You can now add visuals to your multimodal skills without leaving Visual Studio Code (VS Code). With built-in features such as code snippets, validation, instant preview, and download/save APL documents, you no longer have to leave your local IDE and copy paste your APL document into the APL Authoring Tool.

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Author APL documents using JSX and React along with SDKv2 and the latest SDK

JSX for APL is an experimental, JSX-based framework that enables you to author APL documents using JSX and React along with SDKv2 and the latest SDK. With JSX for APL, you can leverage your existing knowledge of web technologies to add rich visual experiences to your skills. You can also share your components and reuse others' components on npm or GitHub.

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Easily build unified audio and visual responses in your skills

With multimodal responses (MMR) feature you can use a new multimodal designer to link audio and visual responses, utilize a simplified workflow to navigate to audio and visual authoring tools, and synchronize audio and visual templates. You can also link multiple audio responses to a single visual response, and render an unique runtime MMR ID for a combined multimodal response.

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Build visually impressive and animated Alexa games with existing web technologies such as HTML5

Use web technologies and tools (e.g. Canvas 2D, WebAudio, WebGL, JavaScript, and CSS) to build interactive voice-controlled gaming experiences for Echo Show and select Fire TV devices with the Web API for Games (GA).

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Mix Alexa speech, sound effects, music, and other audio at runtime with APL for audio

APL for Audio (beta) includes new audio mixing capabilities that enable you to easily build rich audio and soundscapes into your Alexa skills. You can mix audio with Alexa speech and mix multiple voices with sound effects and even sync your visuals with audio clips that dynamically respond to customer inputs.

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