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Recently we released a new feature with which you can now use the import functionality from GitHub repositories and subsequently from archives in supported formats while creating Alexa Hosted Skills.

You can use open sourced templates shared by the skill building community on GitHub for building Alexa Hosted Skills.


Q1: Who can use this feature?

Ans: Those using Alexa Hosted Skills on the Alexa Developer Console can use this feature.

Q2: Why might a skill import be rejected when using this feature?

Ans: An import will fail if any of the following are true:

  1. Repository or archives are not in CLI v1 format or Skill Package format.
  2. Locale selected at skill creation page not found in repository/ archive.
  3. The skill does not contain both an interaction model and response code.
  4. Repositories or archives are using programming languages not supported by Alexa Hosted Skills, which supports Node.js and Python today.
  5. The files need compiling on deployments (e.g. TypeScript).
  6. Repositories/archives exceed 50MB.

Q3: What programming languages will have hosted skills templates?

Ans: The hosted skills template repository will support templates in Node.js and Python.

Q4: What is the detailed skill builder experience?

Ans: There is only one change made for this release, and that is that the “Import Skill” button will provide a public open-sourced GitHub URL to build Alexa Hosted skills.

Check below screenshot for more details:

  1. When you arrive on the console create skill page, you will need to provide a skill name, select a locale, and select a skill type as before. For “Custom”, you will continue to have the option of Alexa-Hosted (Node.js), Alexa-Hosted (Python), and provisioning your own backend.

2) If you choose either of the Alexa-Hosted options, you will be taken to the new template selection page. From here you can choose the “Import Skill” button which supports the GitHub repository link, and you can proceed further by clicking on the “Continue with template” button.

3) If you choose to “Import Skill”, you will be taken to a modal that accepts a link to a GitHub repository or upload of a file from local storage. If you click continue in this modal, you will be shown the waiting modal while your AWS resources are being provisioned and the archive is unzipped, imported, model is built, and the code is compiled. This might take more than one minute depending on the package size and model building time.

4) Once the import is complete and you are allowed into the skill, the service will show a notification with a link to documentation for fixing common issues.

For more information on import from GitHub for Alexa Hosted Skill please check this link.

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