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Why Am I Not Receiving Skill Certification Feedback?

If you recently submitted an Alexa skill for certification and noticed that the skill’s status in the Alexa Developer Console changed back to “In Development” without having received an e-mail, then it’s likely that you need to update the e-mail address associated with your account’s “Company Profile.” Please note that this e-mail is not necessarily the same e-mail address that you use to sign into your Alexa Developer Account.

To verify or update the e-mail address associated with your “Company Profile,” please follow the steps below:

1. Sign into your Amazon Developer Account:
2. Click "Developer Console"
3. Click "Settings"
4. Click "Company Profile"
5. Click "Edit" and update your e-mail address information
6. Click "Save"

If after reviewing the e-mail address on record under the “Company Profile” tab, you find that the e-mail address is already correct, then please be sure to check your e-mail client’s spam folder and mark these messages as not spam. It may also help to add to your contacts.

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