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Why is my app not live?


There are various reasons why your app may not be published live. Please start by verifying the app status of the current version displayed in your developer portal account by going to “APPS & SERVICES” > “My Apps” page. Below are some possible status codes:

Under Review: The app is being reviewed by Amazon and cannot be edited until testing has completed. If you would like to cancel the review process and make modifications, please log in to Developer Portal, click on Apps & Services, click on the Under Review link for your app, and hit the "Cancel App Submission" button. You will then be able to submit an update for this app.

Pending Action: The app has failed review and a test result summary notification has been sent to your main contact e-mail address. Please make the necessary changes outlined in the email and submit a new version of the app for review.

Approved: The app has completed testing and review, and is approved for publication. If you did not enter a Future Release Date during submission, your app will be published within 12 hours. Otherwise, it will begin the publication process on the date you entered.

If you originally entered a Future Release Date, but wish to change or remove the date, please go to your app’s individual page within the developer portal > “Availability & Pricing” > “Edit” to make the desired change. Once the new Future Release Date has been set, please remember to hit “Save” and then “Submit App” to update this information.

Incomplete: You have not yet completed your app submission. The app is missing some of the fields required for submission to Amazon. Please review each tab in your app submission and make sure all required information is entered. Each tab should have a green check mark to indicate completeness. Once all your tabs have a green check mar, the “Submit App” button will be enabled.

Rejected: The app has not passed the review process. You will receive an email from Amazon explaining the reasons for the failure

Submitted: The app has been submitted for review and testing, and it can no longer be edited. At this time, you can cancel the request for review and continue to edit your app by clicking on the “Cancel Review” button. Please be aware that if you submit a high number of apps within a short period of time, your apps may linger under “Submitted” status.

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