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General availability of enhanced ACK developer console experience and developer resources   

Today, we are excited to announce expanded self-service prototyping functionality with ACK. Now you can get your connected product to market even faster, reducing the time needed to prototype your product's Alexa voice and mobile app experience to just hours. Using ACK self-service prototyping tools you can easily create a virtual product, define its Alexa capabilities, and test your device's customer experience with Alexa.

The tutorial steps to create an Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) product prototype, using the example of a Smart Plug. First, the tutorial will provide an overview of what you need before you start prototyping a connected device. Then you will learn how to create and provision your ACK module as a virtual product in the ACK console and define the Alexa capabilities that your product will support. Finally, you will learn how to edit your virtual product in order to customize your prototype. Once completed, you will be able to test your prototype on your hardware and control it with the Alexa app.

Along with an enhanced ACK developer console experience, we have also released newer version of ACK Module Utility and ACK Device SDK 3.1 developer resources. Newer version of ACK Module Utility has added support for product provisioning an ACK module through ACK Managed services that enabled prototyping without the need for a Yubikey. Newer version of ACK Device SDK has added 2 new HelloWorld and Microwave sample applications. Please read through their release notes to see what new features and bug fixes are available in these developer resources.

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