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Onboarding test devices

Once you’re able to bring up your device with the SDK, you’ll need to request keys and development certificates from Amazon. Each new SKU you plan to launch needs its own set of keys, and each unique device needs a certificate as well. We commonly refer to these keys and certificates as Device Hardware Authentication (DHA) material. DHA is a requirement for Frustration-Free Setup to create secure communications between Frustration-Free Setup enabled devices and the device setup service. You can request keys and development certificates from the Frustration-Free Setup developer console. These are pre-registered to your developer account to speed up testing. Once you integrate the keys and development certificates into your Frustration-Free Setup implementation, you can use commercially available Amazon Echo (second generation and above), FireTVs (first-generation and above), and eero routers during your device testing. You’ll be able to send probe requests and see the connection status on your debug logs.

When you’re ready to scale beyond the initial set of developer certificates, you can generate additional certificates using your hardware keys. The developer console helps you pre-register your devices to mimic a customer purchasing your device from Once your device passes Frustration-Free Setup certification, your certificates will no longer expire.

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