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FAQs for Past Alexa Skill Promotions

Q: When will I hear back regarding my eligibility?

A: If the promotion doesn’t require measuring the unique users count within a certain period after a specified date, such as the first publication date, you may expect to hear back regarding your eligibility 4 to 5 weeks after the promotion ends. If the promotion requires the skill to reach certain number of unique users or in-skill sales within a certain period after a specified date, please expect to hear back 8 to 9 weeks after the promotion ends.

Q: If the promotional form requires Skill ID, can I submit my skill name instead of my skill ID?

A: No, a skill ID is required for your submission to constitute a complete submission. Incomplete submissions will be marked as invalid. You must include the amzn1 at the front of your skill ID and it must be copied exactly as shown in your Amazon Developer Console account (it is case sensitive).

Q: How do I find my skill ID?

A: You can find your Skill ID by logging into and navigating to Amazon Developer Console > Alexa Skills Kit > View Skill ID. The Skill ID is unique and typically starts with amzn1.ask.skill or

Q: If the promotional form requires Vendor ID, how do I find my Vendor ID?

A: Find your Vendor ID here (it starts with the letter M). If you don´t have a Vendor ID yet, register as an Alexa Developer.

Q: I don’t reside in the promotion country. Can I still apply?

A: If you don’t reside in the promotion country, you do not qualify for that promotion. However, you can check out our other promotions in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, France, Australia, Italy, Spain, India and Mexico to see if your country of residence is included.

Q: I built a skill with a few of my friends. Can we all apply for the promotion using the same skill ID?

A: No. Each skill ID may only be used once. The Offer benefits are limited to the primary holder of the developer account, and to one per person, skill ID, developer account, email address, account and physical address.

Q: How long does certification take?

A: Once you submit your skill, you should receive an estimated time of review. However, it is a best practice to submit the skill for certification early to allow adequate time for the skill to pass certification before the promotion ends.

Please note: the certification turnaround time can vary depending upon the type of skill and complexity. In order to ensure a faster certification process, we highly recommend reviewing our skills submission checklist and building your skill with these tests in mind.

Q: If a promotion states that only the primary account owner for the Vendor ID associated with the skill ID may submit to the promotion, how do I know if I am the primary account owner?

A: If you are the primary account owner, you will be able to see your role as Administrator (owner) by going to Settings > User Permissions in your Amazon developer account.

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