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How do Google Maps work on apps distributed through Amazon Appstore?


If you already have an app on the Google Play store and it has Google Maps integrated, you will need to modify your app before you can target Amazon devices on the Amazon Appstore. This is because Amazon devices do not have Google Play Services; something that an API like Google Maps relies on.

You can still publish the app to the store, but you will have to ensure that the binary targets only non-Amazon devices. However if you would like the app to target Amazon devices, such as the Kindle and Fire tablets, you can use Amazon Maps. Amazon Maps is a substitute for Google Maps that will allow your app to run on Amazon devices.

For more information on the API, see here:

For more information on migrating from Google Maps, see here:

The process aims to make the transition from Amazon Maps v1 to v2 as smooth as possible so that your application will be available on the Amazon Appstore for all to enjoy in no time.

The current version of Amazon Maps is v2 and Google Play Services are not required.

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