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How many T-shirts can I publish on Merch by Amazon?

Summary: The amount of t-shirts you can upload and publish will depend on your tier.

In order to provide the best experience for customers of t-shirts created in Merch by Amazon, we are limiting the number of t-shirts a content creator can make based on tiers of designs. The Merch by Amazon team will be hand-selecting content creators who have sold the same amount of t-shirts as the number of the tier they are in.

For example – to move up from the 25 tier, a content creator will need to sell at least 25 shirts from those they have created to move up to the 100 tier. Admission to these tiers are based not only on sales, but the quality of the products being sold by the content creator as well. Tiers are audited weekly and users will see an updated dashboard total once they have been upgraded to a higher tier.

Updated December 11th, 2015: Users can now delete shirts they no longer wish to sell under the "Manage" tab. Any shirts you delete will be subtracted from your total live t-shirt count in your tier once the deletion process completes. Please note, this can take several hours to process.

For more information, please see the following article:

For information on when you will receive a tier upgrade, please see the following article:

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