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Why don't I see all reported sales in my Earnings Reports?


While we report near real time purchases in the Merch by Amazon portal, Amazon does not recognize a sale until the item is shipped to the end customer. With this in mind, please pay attention to the shipping and processing times for t-shirt sales. Depending on the time of year, processing times can be as quick as a few days and as long as 3 weeks. Therefore, if the sales report is showing a purchase towards the end of the month, it is likely the shirt was not shipped until the following month, which would count as a sale for the month following the date indicated in the Sales Reports. We do this for several reasons including: we don't charge the customer until shipment, items can be canceled prior to shipment, and we may find a design that is not printable and will therefore have to cancel the customer's purchase. Each month the earnings tab inside of "Analyze" will show how many of your customers' purchases were shipped, and therefore counted as sales.

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