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What formats are available?   


With the Amazon Fling SDK, you can send anything your custom Amazon Fire TV receiver app can play back.

Amazon Fling is a service on the Amazon Fire TV platform that allows customers to send media and web content to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick from their mobile devices. We provide you with an API that your app can use to communicate with this service. You have to implement the API in your mobile app to create a controller, which enables that app to discover Fire TV devices on the network, and provides the mechanisms to play media content such as video, audio, or photos. On the Fire TV, adding support for this API to your Fire TV playback app enables you to handle remote playback events. A Fire TV app that supports this functionality is called a player.


audiodevicesamazon flingcontroller
10 |5000

Up to 2 attachments (including images) can be used with a maximum of 512.0 KiB each and 1.0 MiB total.



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