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Best practices for naming your tournaments

Tournaments can be set to just run as a single instance, and can also be set to be a reoccurring series. If you are creating a number of tournaments, it will become increasingly difficult to sort through this list unless there is some distinction. One thing to keep in mind is that the name for each tournament that is created within a reoccurring series will be the same name every time the tournament is run. You will be able to sort through your upcoming, ongoing, and pending prize release tournaments by searching the name of the tournament you would like to view. With this in mind we suggest to implement the following naming best practices:

1) Be creative when naming your single instance tournaments, try not to use the same name twice

2) Use a different tournament name for each reoccurring tournament series

3) Define your tournaments by adding a distinctive indicator such as the year the tournament, attached to the end of the tournament name.

4) Tournaments can be filtered per game level in conjunction with the name filtering. This means tournament names can be reused across games without affecting the searchability of the tournaments in each game.

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