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How To Change Developer Name

When a developer signs up for a new Alexa Developer account, they are prompted for a “Company Name” before they can continue. Many developers will supply their name, the name of their employer, or some kind of place holder to just get through the registration process. When you do eventually publish a skill in the Alexa skill store, this will be the name that is listed directly under the skill title.

But how do you change your Developer “Company Name” after it’s been set?

The company name can be changed by reaching out via the “Contact Us” link, listed at the bottom of the Alexa Developer page, or you can click here:

1) Sign in to your Alexa Developer Account.

2) Create a Contact Us case to request a name change here:

3) Click “General Inquiry” from the “Type” drop down box

4) Click the “Other” selection in the “Category” drop down box

5) In the Subject line type “Change Company Name” or something similar

6) In the “Description” box you will need to include a message with the current “Company name” and the name you wish to change it too.

7) Once we receive your request, it can take up to 1 business day for the name change to fully take effect.

That’s it! You will receive an email from your Developer Advocate once the change has been processed. If you have any further questions or concerns you will be provided a link within the email that will allow you to respond directly back to the Developer Advocate that is handling your case.

If you would like to suggest having this feature in the developer console, please feel free to vote on the feature request on our official feature request page here:

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