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System Initiated Video Pauses on Fire TV   


HTML 5 applications generally respond correctly to user initiated pauses, for example, user pausing the video using the remote pause button, by showing the video playback controls in a paused state; however, developers also have to make sure that their applications do the same, i.e, show the video playback controls in a paused state, to video pauses initiated by the system; for example, system will pause the video if the user were to initiate a voice search while a video is playing. Applications that don’t correctly handle the system initiated video pauses don’t show the video controls to the user; however, the playback remote buttons will continue to function, but customers may not realize that playback control is still possible because they don’t see video playback controls on the screen.

To show video controls in response to video pauses initiated by the system, your app can listen for video element’s pause event and show the controls in the pause event handler.

If your app is using the Amazon HTML5 Web App platform API, you can also listen for Amazon Web App platform API’s pause/resume/visibilitychange events and react appropriately. See for documentation on using the Amazon Web App platform API.

You can find a lightweight sample here:

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