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single word with a slot is not recognised as utterances

While creating a smart home skill I need to get list of devices in specific room. I have added a utterance as 'devices {roomName}' and 'get devices {roomName}'. If I ask get devices it prompts for filling the room name and after completing the utterance I get the actual result. But if I simply ask 'devices', it is not at all responding to the question. Does a single word itself with a slot is recognised ??

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so you are asking "get devices living room" and asking "devices livingroom" right?

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yes. while asking 'get devices' it prompts for filling room name and gets the correct result. But just asking devices, it is not at all matched with any utterances and asks for room name, but if I say 'devices living room', i get the devices in living room.

Thanks for the reply

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hmmmm kind of wierd, can you send me a screenshot (remove all sensitive data like arn,accountname, ...)the interaction model so i can have a look at it?

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