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Alexa Can't find device or group named X in Y's profile

Our smart home skill is encountering a strange issue that I am not sure how to resolve.

All of a sudden it has stopped recognising discovered devices for commands. I haven't changed any of the skill since mid-October. The last change (which was a few days ago) was just to add support for Canadian English which didn't require any code changes. I can't imagine adding support for a new language caused issues with the existing languages?

For example, I have devices called "Lounge" and "Den" but if I ask Alexa to turn these on "Alexa, turn on Lounge" or "Alexa, turn on Den" it will respond with "I couldn't find a device or group named Lounge in User's profile".

Likewise, if I ask it to "Alexa, resume Den" it will respond with the same error message.

What is even more baffling is that is appears to be intermittent - occasionally the command will work but normally it won't.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Has there been an API update that I have somehow missed that could be causing this issue?

Thanks for any assistance.

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1 Answer

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I might have found an answer...

I had been trying to delete devices from the app but the option to forget a device seems to have been replaced by an enable/disable toggle so I couldn't do it. However, I went to and found that they were a whole bunch of duplicate devices showing (Offline).

I forgot everything and rediscovered and it seems to be working since.

These (Offline) devices used to be shown in the Alexa app.

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