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Intent Response Requirements

I have recently create a game through amazon's interactive adventure game tool for building alexa apps. However, I am having difficulty with the certification process. When I reviewed the feedback, it said:

What Went Wrong?

When invoking one or more of the intent(s), the skill’s response is irrelevant to the request or contains an error.

Steps To Reproduce:

User: Alexa, open quest of elements and begin

Skill: Welcome to Quest of Elements To hear your options for this game, say "Help" When you are ready to start, say "Begin".

Expected Result: The skill should start the game, it still asks to begin the game, which is an irrelevant response.

What to do next:

Please see test case 4.3 from our Submission Checklist for guidance on intent responses.


Does anyone have experience using this tool? I've played around with modifying some of the text files and intent handlers in the tool src, but haven't had much success getting it to jump past the first scene with an intent response. It would be nice if the default worked, given that it is an amazon provided template tool...

In any case, I am hoping to getting around the certification issue by including "help" and "cancel" as my sample utterances (not really particularly useful intents for a new user - but they do provide different responses than the default launch intent when invoked at the start). Alternatively thinking about including some lore/story from the first message, so users technically have started the game/story by the time they are prompted to say "begin" - but I don't know if that's a valid way to get around it either. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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1 Answer

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Jamie Grossman answered

On the certification part, I'm not too sure about the feedback there. You can clarify this directly with us, but I'd say your response sounds reasonable as a launch response to the skill opening. Regardless, as this issue is specific to your account, please file a contact us here where we will be able to assist further.



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