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How to use Smart Home Functions without Cloud Services

Hey Guys,

I have a SmartHome based on KNX. Also I have some sort of control server from Gira. In the meantime I managed to build a Bridge in order to use the alexa builtin hue functions in order to access my lights and it is working well.

However, since the HUE integration comes without the need of an external service like lambda similar, i am wondering how build an Alexa Skill that make use of my control service directly (it is offering an http api within my local network). Within the documentation I can only find examples which include Lampda, AWS Ask or similar external components which would require that I open my firewall and make the control server available through the internet. This is something I dont want because I didnt rely on any fancy logic. It should be a voice command (turn the light kitchen on) that should create a clean call to my control server.

The reason why I want to "reimplement" my working solution is that the HUE api is limited to lighting functionality (or anything that has on/of actions). However I would like to integrate also Temperature controls and controll about the roller shutter (you know, the things in front of windows) which isnt possible with the hue interface.

To explain a little further (my english might be not sufficient);

I differentiate between activation and control traffic. Activation traffic is the voice command that I issue and i am aware that this command will be send to the "Alexa Cloud" in order to be processed. The control traffic is the network command that will activate my light and that should not leave my current network.

It would be really great if someone can point me to the right direction. As the builtin HUE api is already working in that way, there must be something that I have overseen (or is it use to builtin vendors?). Maybe i have not understood the smart home api correctly and can use a device directly without a device cloud. You know... something like this :)

Thanks in advance and best regards


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The way smart home skill works:

1) When user talked to Alexa, the corresponding Alexa intents will be triggered

2) Alexa will send a directive that contains the endpoint and operation to the devices

3) Your Lambda service should get the directive information and send back the response according to the format listed in the doc.

4) Alexa will use the response to control the device linked to the account that was specified in your smart home skill.

For Hue I think it has its account linking, so you need to establish the account linking credentials and handle it in your lambda function.

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