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Just a summary after one month

Here is a list of items that I find annoying and will continue to slow me down: Response timeout - I have code to send an email, but the echo times out (6-7 seconds). Notifications - I'd like the Echo to tell me when a window is opened, etc. Bluetooth - Would be nice to have access to bluetooth microphone to connect to my computer for phone calls, launching programs, etc. Shopping List - Can't delete, allows duplicates (my own code is better than this) Music - When I ask Alexa to play an artist, it states it is not in my prime library...who cares. It is in the prime music it. Remote - should have small speaker (yes, I know...but it would be nice to talk and hear while outside grilling..not for music, but command response) These are a few, but I think some of them really stop developers from creating some awesome apps. The last month, Alexa mostly plays music and a novelty item on the shelf for when people come could be so much more...
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