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Skill list improvements

It's nice that you've implemented a "search" feature in the list of skills. But this feature only helps people who already know what they are looking for. It does not help new users. So, while it can help with retention, it does not help with acquisition of users. There are several things that could be done that would help in various areas: * Filtered list. ** It would be nice if I could check a checkbox to view all skills that I have already enabled. This is helpful if I want to go and clear out skills I don't use anymore. Or to check in on skills that I have. ** It would be nice to have a toggle to list only skills that I have not enabled. This makes discovery of new skills easier. ** It would be nice to be able to list skills in "certification order". I.e. so I can see those most recently made available. This makes discovery of new skills easier. ** It would be nice to be able to hide/show/showall skill. There are some skills that I am not interested in, and will never be interested in. (Looking at you, Edgar Facts) They are a waste of space in my list and clutter up the interface getting in the way with the ability to manage the skills I am interested in. * Categorized view. We already give a skill a category when we submit it. It would be useful if this was surfaced at the skill list level. Either by twistie sections, or filters. * Skill of the day. Amazon calls out a few skills in its weekly newsletter. It would be nice if these were also called out at the top of the skill list. * Sponsored skills. Short of having as flashy an icon as possible, or naming your skill AAAAAAAAA Nice Skill, there are precious few ways to promote a skill. I'm planning revamps of some of my existing skills. But I have no way of alerting users that they skill has changed and might be worth a second look. Letting people pay to have their skill listed higher helps us promote our skills. Really, there's a lot more. Ratings, reviews, etc. But it starts to end up being "give us everything for skills that you have in the main line Amazon shop". I expect that you, eventually, want skills listed there like mobile apps. If that's coming soon, we can wait. If it isn't coming soon, you've got to improve what is there. It's just groaning under the current weight of skills.
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