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August student promotion - No response from support

Hello, I have a problem with the Student Promotion from August. I haven't heard back since a Mail on the 9. of September stating that I will hear back from them within 2 weeks. It also said, "If you do not hear from us by then, please contact us.". That's what I have done on 24. of September (Case# 4449834291) but even after 2 messages I did not hear back from the support.

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Hi, same problem here. I also had the email on 9th September and have heard nothing since. I used the contact us link and created Case# 4447321091. I've sent a follow up to that and have had nothing at all back from Alexa support. I'm reluctant to bother investing anymore of my time into Alexa skills if this is all I get back from Amazon, i.e. nothing whatsoever!

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Just to update, I've had a response now and received my promo code and credits, thanks.

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Thanks for sharing it

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