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Amazon Drive API

Hello there,

I recently started the amazon drive trial, as I really like the idea and trust AWS's infrastructure (which I assume it runs on top of); I've come to trust Amazon (over say, Google) and I like that it's "unlimited"[1]

The website access is lacking, I've submitted many "feedback forms" about no total size for selected files (not directories, files), it seems to upload stuff twice, like say there's a name clash, upload once, clash, upload again. It also has a size limit I hit AFTER it uploaded (a tar file of prized files, it was 11.5gib big), there's no refresh, it's slow, going up and back into a directory doesn't refresh it, and many many other things.

Then I found acd_cli, it mounts by fuse, it's open source (I trust Amazon with /some/ of my files, I do not trust "odrive" or want "premium features", honestly just a CLI upload/download/list is fine, FUSE integration is honestly perfect - it couldn't get better.

It seems that "personal use" is an after-thought as developer keys are issued with oauth over the top, rather than application keys.

I would very much like:

1) The Amazon Cloud Drive website to be better - I'm happy to expand on this, I don't mean weird "techno-stallman" features, I mean

1.1) "show me the sum of the size of the files I've selected", and just little things like that,

1.2) support uploading slightly bigger files (do we have multiplart upload now?)

1.3) Artificially splitting files is a crappy solution, I don't want to upload in parts

2) An API that users may use (or write programs to use) that is also unlimited within reason.

The website only shows created/modified times to the day, where's hour and minute (ideally second!)

When uploading copies I'd love an "upload if size is different" just so I can be sure things transferred correctly.

How can I be sure a file actually transferred? Right now I'm uploading twice unfortunately, if I use fuse I can use sha1sum and co!

I would be very happy to help with this in any capacity (suggestions and testing) through to "how do we implement detecting "unreasonable" access patterns", I've done similar things before - let me prove I can help.

But ultimately:

I would like to be able to use the cloud drive! I can live without FUSE integration.


In my searches I have read about twi(@)ts that seem to just enjoy uploading crap, it need not even be meaningful stuff, just to take up space and abuse the "unlimited" and then say "well sell me fixed amounts, let's have some competition".

I don't care about competition, like many people, I want to be able to store files, I don't want to switch, I don't care if I could save a few pounds elsewhere.

I like the share link idea! I like that I could put that at the bottom of emails! I'd love to use and recommend cloud drive and the fact it's Amazon means I trust it, unlike some "zoolz"[2] thing which looks like a scam and is built on AWS.

Please do not think "well if that open source program supports fuse, it then becomes too easy to abuse Cloud Drive" - please instead put effort into detection of that abuse, for the ability to click "save as" choose ACD, put in a file name and save is not a bad thing.

I also get that me and the other 12 Linux users are not a majority, but c'mon Amazon! ADC already exists, it's not very big either and it's Python and Fuse, I was 15 when I made my first python/fuse (Doken, my windows days - still!) filesystem, there's no GUI, no UX to optimise/worry about. It costs you nothing to allow.

Thanks for your time,

A long time and loyal customer since he got a debit card, who knows most of what he knows thanks to books purchased from Amazon.

PS: Got enough Alexa forums?


[1] - I, like hopefully everyone else, see "unlimited" to mean "as long as you're reasonable, don't worry about it", not as a challenge. Anyone remember the anxiety of "should I send this text? what if I need my credit later!" when you'd have to top up your phone? unlimited-within-reason is great!

[2] Pretty sure Zoolz is built on AWS Glacier and EFS, yet is weirdly cheaper - hence scam.

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Good luck! If you follow some of the other topics here or in the Prime Photos thread, you'll soon find that Amazon DGAF about this service. The sync client has been choking on certain files for months and there's at least one long-lived multi-page thread and there has not been a peep from anyone on the Amazon side. People reporting via support just get to told to unsync/uninstall/reinstall/resync (yeah, even if you have a few TB of files) which shockingly, does not fix the problem.

Amazon support is very much like Google support: useless. :)

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Hi NewUser-fb12*,

Thank you for such a detailed post! Please note that this is a developer forum, for people building mobile apps. I have forwarded your comments to the Amazon Drive team. If you require support as a Drive user, please contact Amazon Customer Service for support ( Thanks!

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