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SetTargetTemperatureConfirmation requires value that SetTargetTemperatureRequest doesn't support

The thermostat control portion of the Smart Home Skills API is giving me a headache with the SetTargetTemperatureConfirmation. It appears that it requires temperatureMode to have a value of HEAT, AUTO, or COOL.

The problem is that it cannot be set by the SetTargetTemperatureRequest. Is there something I am missing? Is there a Custom value that can be set with a blank friendly name (as there is for GetTargetTemperature) that can allow me to avoid returning a temperatureMode that Alexa will repeat, when the temperatureMode cannot be specified by the user?

I've looked at the API documentation, and I'm just having trouble understanding why we are required to return a temperatureMode in the SetTargetTemperatureConfirmation, when it cannot be set by the SetTargetTemperatureRequest.

Thank you, in advance

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