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Example debugger UI + generated schema and utterances from Node.js

Demo: This is an example of using my alexa-app module for Node.js to build an Alexa app. It is served up using my example alexa-app-server project, which I am working on updating to 2.0: This example project starts a Node server, loads all Alexa apps from a directory, points POST requests to their endpoints, and automatically generates a test/debugging UI if you hit the endpoint with GET. Included in the debugging UI is an output of the auto-generated schema and sample utterances, for pasting into the Developer Console. I released the alexa-app module update a few days ago, and I hope to publish the updated alexa-app-server example project in the next day or two. With these two libraries, you can easily create, server, and debug Alexa apps using Node.js :) Below is the app code used to create the example url above. Nice and concise! [code] // Define an alexa-app var alexa = require('alexa-app'); var app = new'helloworld'); app.launch(function(req,res) { res.say("Hello World!!"); }); app.intent('NameIntent', { "slots":{"NAME":"LITERAL","AGE":"NUMBER"} ,"utterances":["{My name is|my name's} {matt|bob|bill|jake|nancy|mary|jane|NAME} and I am {1-100|AGE}{ years old|}"] },function(req,res) { res.say('Your name is '+req.slot('NAME')+' and you are '+req.slot('AGE')+' years old'); } ); app.intent('AgeIntent', { "slots":{"AGE":"NUMBER"} ,"utterances":["My age is {1-100|AGE}"] },function(req,res) { res.say('Your age is '+req.slot('AGE')); } ); [/code]
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+1 Very Nice, It's nicely hiding away all the complexity. Would be nice to see how PRE/POST hooks will work and how to connect it to the express server.
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