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How can I clear or cancel a failed "Upcoming version" and replace it with the version in Live App Testing?

So I have an app in the appstore. Call that "version1". But it's due an update.

I uploaded a new "version2" to Live App Testing, and after a while from there via "Promote to Upcoming" to the "Upcoming version". That then failed some of Amazon's review criteria, which is fair enough (to be honest, I'm surprised the original "version1" got approved, but anyway...).

Fortunately I quickly got a "version3" into Live App Testing, which I think should address the issues which were causing it to fail review... so my assumption/hope would be I can just "Promote to Upcoming" and overwrite the busted "Upcoming version". When I try and do that I first get a dialog box warning me I'm about to overwrite the existing upcoming version (good, that's what I want to do) so I click "OK" to its "Are you sure you want to continue?" but then I get another dialog box saying

Cannot create Upcoming Version
You have an Upcoming Version in the process of being submitted to the Appstore. We cannot create a new Upcoming Version until that process is finished.  Please try again once that process is complete, or go to the Upcoming Version now and cancel the submission process.

And the only option that box gives me is "OK" at which point I'm back where I started with failed "version2" stuck in "Upcoming version" and "version3" in "Live testing".

So of course then I go the the Upcoming Version tab and try and cancel the submission process but there's nothing there I can see to do that. The only clickable thing there is "Contact us" which I did a week ago asking for the "Upcoming version" to be cancelled to make way for the "Live testing" version to be promoted... but nothing seems to have happened yet.

Ah, just discovered an old thread here

which seems to confirm "Contact us" is (or at least was 4 years ago) the expected way to get this done. Still the case? Seems surprising something you'd expect to be as simple as clicking an "X" or a trashcan icon is so manual.

Any comments on how long it takes Amazon to respond to such requests?

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Hi Tim,

Thanks for posting! I have replied to your Contact Us case, but for the sake of other developers, will post my reply here as well. While we cannot delete apps or submissions from your account (we can only suppress them, but they will still be visible in your account) -- you can add the same binary that you uploaded to "Test #4" of Live App Testing into your Upcoming Version placeholder.

For that, login to your Dev Portal account, click on the app in the Dashboard, click on the "Upcoming Version" link, switch to the "Binary File(s)" tab, make sure you are in edit mode ("Edit" button at the bottom of the page) and there upload the same .apk file that you uploaded to the beta test (LAT). This will be a sort of a workaround for "Promote to Upcoming" as that feature in LAT works only when there are no pending upcoming versions for that app.

Hopefully this solves your issue, but if you have any further questions, please let us know. Thanks!

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Thanks for that... trying it now (huge apk needs sftp-ing again; that's another reason to prefer being able to re-use the binary already in the live testing)! Sorry turns out I did get get the "Contact Us" response but it comes a bit indirectly to me via our team's contact address... should have checked my email better.

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