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A fortune cookie with a twist

TsaTsaTzu's latest skill is "Demotivate Me". Tired of all those positive, uplifting, happy skills that build your self esteem? Well this one tells it like it is, you useless reptile. Yep. It's another boring fortune cookie skill to waste your time with. But stifle those yawns. Alexa's deadpan delivery isn't well suited to the subtle and refined art of sarcasm. But TsaTsaTzu isn't one to step away from a challenge! Through careful crafting of vocabulary, finely curated phoneme manipulation, but mostly through voice acting and rapant abuse of the tag, we have given Alexa a sense of irony. Line by line, trite phrase by trite phrase, we have honed the responses to some definition of perfection. So fire up Demotivate Me and try it out. You'll believe a computer can snark.
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