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House Band - JRiver Media Center Integration (with Sonos support!)

The skill House Band allows users to search their *local* music library and control any DLNA compliant device (including Sonos speakers), and includes zone control (i.e., changing which device the music plays to.) The skill requires a piece of 3rd party software JRiver Media center. (I'm not associated with JRiver). The skill is really meant for music lovers who have music libraries that simply are not going to be found on any streaming service. (That's right, you want to hear the 24/96 Vinyl rip of of the White Album!). But, it will play your library through the Echo (via bluetooth). Once enabled, you can: Start Playing “Play the album [album name]” “Play the song [song name]” “Play the song [song name] by [artist name]" “Play the album [album name] by [artist name]" "Play songs by [artist name]” "Play [anything]" -- queue up everything with that string. "Create a playlist based on [artist name or genre]" "Play my/the [playlist name] playlist" "Play the/my playlist [playlist name]" "Add the [song name/album name/search string] to the playlist" Many of the above commands will produce a list of matching results. For example, "Play the album "Kind of Blue" might get you the result "I found two matching items. Here's what you have. Miles Davis, Kind of Blue. Miles Davis, Kind of Blue (SACD). What should I play?" You can the select from the list: "Play the SACD" or: "Play all" Controls “Pause” pauses the currently playing track. “Stop the music” stops the currently playing track. “Resume” continues playback. “Next song/next track/skip this/next/thumbs down” “Previous” returns to the last track played. “Change the/set the/volume [1-10]” sets the volume from 10 to 100%. “Volume up/down/louder/quieter” turns volume up or down. Queries “What's playing?” Alexa will tell you the song/artist that’s playing. “What do I have by [artist name]” Alexa will tell you the albums you have in your library by that artist. Zone "What are my zones/What zones do I have" will give you a list of zone "Change the zone to [zone name]" to change the current zone. (Note: it doesn't transfer the currently playing music to new zone.)
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This sounds really cool! Thanks for sharing, Steve!
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