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Personal Content Catalog or More External Ids

I am working on a Emby ( plugin that would allow users to play media using the Alexa video skills api.

Right now, when I execute a query, I get back results with Gracenote ids. These are worthless to me because I cannot match those to my media. I can try to match based on title, but I don't want to do that. Also, some things just don't work well. I ask for "Star Wars 3" and it comes back with "Star Wars 2" stuff.

I was reading about the FireTV catalog, but that seems more for content providers. With Emby, people have there own libraries.

I'm thinking, as it stands, this api won't work for personal libraries like mine. I thought about, for me, just uploading my own catalog, but then there seems to be this massive 2 week wait for the creation of the catalog and a 4 hour processing of changes and no way to provide real time, incremental updates to the catalog.

Is there any way around this? Maybe allow personal catalogs or something? Maybe include the IMDB and other ids (like thetvdb and themoviedb). I don't know why you only provide gracenote ids. I would have to pay for a gracenote api to get more information about an item, and I have no idea if they would even return imdb ids.

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There is no work around for this right now. Gracenote is the default catalog that video skills get. However, I've passed your feedback on to the team who will investigate, so we appreciate the feedback.

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I have a FireTv app "Snagfilms". I want to play and control the content of snagfilms app on firetv using video skills api alexa. Will i have to create a Alexa catalog ingestion of my content of snagfilms.

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See our documentation here.

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