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Privacy Policy & Terms of Service documents

Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer - please do not take my opinion as professional legal advice. I'm wondering what others are doing wrt crafting a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service; both required as part of the app submission process. A few services offer free/templated legal docs for such, but there's understandably little that's specific for 'voice command applications' just yet. For my Terms of Service, I re-factored's Terms doc; complete collection of CC Share Alike docs here: For my Privacy Policy, I modified Docracy's mobile app focused template, and added "voice command devices" to cover the Echo, here: Feel free to take what I have and use as you'd like: Terms of Service: Privacy Policy: (again, I'm not a lawyer!) What are you doing for these documents? Also, let me know if anyone would like to club together and have a professional lawyer draft something we could all use, and possibly share? Cheers, James
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