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target device not

I am trying to publish my app. Is an augmented reality app compatible only with the devices that have incorporated the technology developed by google tango

As far as I know until today there are only three

  • ASUS_A002_1 Asus Zenfone AR
  • ASUS_A002 Asus Zenfone AR
  • Google ATAP Project Tango Tablet Development Kit Yellowstone
  • Lenovo Mobile Lenovo PHAB2 Pro PB2PRO

I had two problems at the time of completing Binary file form

1 . My manifest is automatically modified in a way that makes my app compatible with devices that are not really capable of supporting it

2 none of the devices that I target are visible or findable

So, I can’t move forward

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Thank you for posting in the forums! Please be aware that we use manifest filtering to do device targeting and support (more information can be found here: )

You can always tailor supported devices using the toggles to remove compatibility as outlined here:

If you are looking for specific devices to enable, please see an overview of the search function here:

If your desired non-Amazon device is not specifically listed, you can choose to enable "All Other Android Devices":

Please note that your app has to be compatible on at least one device for the submit button to be available. We always recommend developers support the widest possible number of devices for their app to reach the most end users. If you have any further questions, especially those specific to your app or your account, please sign into your account and create a "Contact Us" case to provide us with more information to take a look at your situation.

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