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How do I get all of the cloud devices associated with the user?

After successfully linking the user's account to my skill and waiting for the skill to discover the user's devices, I am only discovering the "Upstairs Amazon Player" device from the sample code. How do I access the user's actually devices in my def handleDiscovery(context, event) function? Like I want to discover their Amazon Fire TV/Alexa Show. Is there an api I can use to access the list of devices using the user's access token or something?

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The way I understand the discovery call and the Video Skill Api is, that you as content provider have to managed the (supported) device.

If an app or device for your service comes online, you can managed it at your backend and return it at the discovery call.

But if an device is out of your discovery scope, you can't use it with the video skill api.

Or I am wrong?

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This is correct. You have to define and manage the customer's devices, you cannot get access to other video devices available on that customer's account.

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I am a little confused here. So, the discovery request is made and my lambda function receives {"directive":{"header":{"namespace":"Alexa.Discovery","name":"Discover","payloadVersion":"3","messageId":"1bd5d003-31b9-476f-ad03-71d471922820"},"payload":{"scope":{"type":"BearerToken","token":"some-access-token"}}}}

Afterwards, I know that I am suppose to return the supported devices, but my confusion is with this line in the docs "Returns the devices associated with the end-user’s device cloud account." How is this device cloud accessed? Just to add, I am mainly looking to display video content on the Fire Tv and Alexa Show.

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