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Can't access the "Manage in TV & Video" screen after adding a Video Skill API

Very excited to read all about the Video Skill API.

I am trying to get my head around it and have had a bit of success.

  • created the Skill
  • setup the Lambda function
  • added account linking

The Skill appears in my Alexa app, I can login to my "account" and enable the Skill. It then scans for devices and ends up hanging on a black page. When I refreshed, I can see the Skill in my list, it is enabled, I can also see the "Manage in TV & Video" button. When I tap the button it hangs on a black screen again.

When I say "Alexa, change the channel" she replies "To change channels, make sure you've linked this Dot with your video provider. Manage your devices in the Music TV and Books section of the Alexa App."

Usually I don't bother trying new features as they are always only available to the US and not UK/DE. I tried to find something in the docs or blog announcements that said whether it was limited to US only.

The only reference I found about US only was when Gracenote was mentioned the

If you don’t provide your content catalog, Alexa will use a generic catalog made up of Gracenote data. This data is US-only at the moment.

But that was fine all I wanted to understand was how it connected to video services.

I am scared to ask... but is the Video Skill API only available to the US?

Really hoping that this is not case, a lot of time has obviously gone into writing the docs and blog posts, and a lot of time was spent reading them. Amazon have previously failed to mention that a feature (Speechcons) was US only. Amazon apologised and updated the article, and it has not happened since.

Edit: I think I have answered my own question, when I changed the url from to

the UK screen goes form this:

to this:

But I'll wait for confirmation from you guys. Thanks

edit: I forgot to mention, I can see the discovered device in my list of Smart Home devices as well as being able to add and enable the Skill.

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It seems odd if this is US only, particularly as the blog post mentions that one of the companies already using the Video Skill API is YouView, which is UK-based. This is just speculation, but maybe the API requires a firmware update, an update to the Alexa app, or both before and this hasn't yet fully rolled out to the UK.

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Indeed, and that is what i am hoping the problem is :)

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I've passed this on to the relevant team. In the meantime, have you uploaded a small icon to the publishing section?

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I have now.

Though I am not sure how that would affect the UK only seeing "Music & Books" compared to the US seeing "Music, Video & Books".

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After reading another post where adding the icon worked for the user, I investigated some more. I had added the icons after you recommend it, but I hadn't entered the rest of the publishing data as usually this isn't a requirement. Once I put the sample data in and the green tick next to "publishing information" the "Manage in TV and Video" button works.

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same here, devices are recognized in smart home but black page when trying to enter the TV & Movies link from the skill page.

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edit: adding a sample sentence fixed this. but the skill still does not work in german

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