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Total minutes engaged decrease day after day.

According to reports, our games (Evhacon 2 HD and Evhacon 2 LD) continues to have daily downloads but the minutes engaged totals are decreasing day after day!

The 5th of june total minutes engaged was 900+, 6th of june was 832 minutes, and finally yesterday the 7th june was 747, something is going wrong.

Assuming there's a sort of "time refund" policy, we've found some other strange things we can not understand.

For example: 5,6,7 of june we had a total of 171 downloads but 0 minutes, that means people are downloading the game just to take up space on the device memory.

Given that the game once started, between movies and screens can not take less than 5 minutes, those reports are really out of this world.


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Hello, thank you for the inquiry. We are currently working to resolve this issue. I apologize for the inconvenience.
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Hello there, inconvenience?

I wouldn't call this inconvenience. This is quite a substantial loss in profit.

We are indie developers hence nobody important but remember that we've turned our back to googleplay and dropped the price of our app to ZERO-- FOR YOU! (putting trust your system)

Are you going to make up for it? or are you going to "sweet talk" us?

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Please note that while sales reports are updated multiple times on a daily basis, Underground engagement minutes reporting update once a day and that data may take up to 7 days to fully populate in your reporting section. Please also be aware that your Amazon Underground Engagement minutes reporting reflects when the data is entered into our system, not when it is generated.

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