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Using Externally Hosted RSS Feed

I am working on building an app from the MRSS temple and am trying to have the RSS file be on our website so it can be updated without rebuilding the app. If I place the RSS in the projects folder and use relative URLs to point to it (i.e. /assets/feed.rss) it works perfectly. But if I try to use a full URL (i.e. it does not work. Is there a way to get it to work?

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Hi cuaaithelpdesk,

Thanks for posting! Could you please specify what kind of app you are building, and what tools you are using for that (Fire App Builder, Web App Starter Kit, an Android app in Android Studio without any additional frameworks, etc)? Thanks!

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I am using the Web App Starter Kit and using Adobe Dreamweaver as an IDE

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Thanks for additional info. When you say "it does not work" -- could you please provide the exact error message or a screenshot, ideally copy the log output too? Also, could you post a code snippet where you are trying to access that resource? Thanks!

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