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Interaction Model BETA Builder dropped Next and Repeat Intents. Any ideas why?


I'm trying to determine how to get NextIntent and RepeatIntent working (I have separate posts asking for much-needed help on those two related topics).

And just now...

I revisited Space Flight Fun Facts... and I saw it had RepeatIntent and NextIntent, just like when I added them a couple weeks ago using the new BETA Builder... aok!

I went ahead and submitted my Space Flight Fun Facts skills for new certification...

AND then I went back in... I clicked "View."

And those two intents are missing...

Before submitting for Certification, the Interaction Model BETA Builder showed 5 + 1 intents.

And it now shows 3+1, just like it did when I submitted for original certification back in March.


Any thoughts???

Thanks, Mike

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Jamie Grossman avatar image Jamie Grossman ♦♦ commented ·

This does sound like a bug, but I wasn't able to repro. Does this happen if you create a new skill with a similar setup? Are those the only intents that do not show up?

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