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AudioPlayer Request Schema Changed?

Hi there,

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For a long time I had been relying on the following portion of the AudioPlayer request to capture the current state on the device for my skill (60dB):

"context": {
    "AudioPlayer": {
      "token": "string",
      "offsetInMilliseconds": 0,
      "playerActivity": "string"

As of sometime May 25th, the voice service stopped sending this format and is instead sending:

"context": {
        "AudioPlayer": {
            "playerActivity": "PLAYING"

The offsetInMilliseconds and the token fields have completely gone missing. This caused a breakage in how we track a user's activity. There was no mention of this change in any of the user groups nor were any emails sent. I also recently checked your API documentation and the old format still exists (see here).

I've since fixed my skill to solely use the state in the "request" field in the incoming request, but I still think your users should be made aware of this change so that they can check if their skills are silently failing or not (it took us several days for it to come to our attention).



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Also, note that for some audio player events, the request field is not there, so there is no option for this data.

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I don't think all audio player events need to have the request field, since you are no longer in the skill context for when you get things like a "play" directive.

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