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Can text be used instead of voice commands?


I'm using smart plugs that work with Alexa, but I need more functionality. Stringify happens to give me that, and I can only output text, so can Alexa receive text, and the text command would turn on my (name of) smartplug? Seems rather simple to do but I don't know if its been done already. I think it could support text message input and Alexa would 'hear' it and carry out the command.

There is no API available for the smartplug, so this would be a step to be able to use the smart plug with Stringify though Alexa. I imagine there are allot of things Alexa can control, so this would ease the voice interpretation part of it (unless its a spelling error!)

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Moving this to smart home as this sounds better related. Regardless, this isn't possible - you must interact with Alexa using your voice to use any of its features at this time, unless you're creating a skill and have access to the skill simulator in the developer portal. You can still post this as a feature request in our ideas space here.

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