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Will Smarthome skill support window coverings application in the future

I have a window covering gateway and want to develop smarthome skill for my application, but at this moment Smarthome skill dose not support window coverings. Only to use 'trun on my blind' 'dim my blind to 50%' and such like these. It can let my window coverings work, but no one will say 'dim my blind to 50%' to control a blind.

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update: unfortunately, we do not comment on future plans at this time. Feel free to submit a feature request here.

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thanks for checking this Jamie. the motorization/automation of window coverings, e.g. blinds, shutters, draperies, is in compliance with the Child Safety regulations. We have been working on this project for quite a few years, currently using RF control, with bi-directional feedback, which allows customer to precisely control their blinds to a full close/open or a middle position. however, controlling the window covering requires a few more commands than the lighting control, as lighting can be "turn on/off" or dimmer, while with blinds/curtains, it would be really cool if Alexa would allow/add a certain invocation words so instead of saying "turn on my blinds“, people can say "raise my blinds", "open my blinds" or "close my curtains", etc etc. probably something worth considering, as window coverings also plays a big role in energy saving, lighting management and privacy. and motorized windowing covering does eliminate the risk of little kids getting strangled by traditional cord system.

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