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Our customers cannot access our app even though their device is supported.

My company, Follett School Solutions, currently has an app in the Amazon App Store, BryteWave. This application allows schools to access their digital library books from their school library on their devices. Since September, our customers have been unable to access the latest version of this application getting an error stating that their device is not support by this application even though, upon app submission, we specifically selected all but original kindle as supported devices. My development team has been unable to get any help from Amazon support on this issue. More than 45,000 schools in the United States use our product and, up until this point, our company has been willing to recommend Amazon tablets as a viable solution for schools and our products. If we cannot get this issue resolved with your help soon, I will no longer be able to make that recommendation. Similarly, since we have exhausted the options on our end to resolve this issue, I will be required to instruct our several thousand customers using Amazon devices to go through your support to resolve this issue. For our customer’s sake, neither of these options is desirable. Can we work together to get this resolved?
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