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Interaction Model Skill builder (Beta) : Custom slot to choose slotType Amazon.Literal is not available to choose ?


I have a skill where i used literals in the slots earlier. Now, i moved by clicking 'Skill builder (beta)' in the interaction model from the standard model. I don't see option Amazon.Literal for slot type to choose. I don't know how do i switch back to standard interaction model also. In the codeEditor if i try to update Amazon.Literal for the slotType its not updating as getting error as parsing failed. But, i have some existing intent with slotType Amazon.Literal which is working fine in the new skill builder. Let me know.

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I have the same problem - I'm configuring a UK still to be rolled out to the US.

My UK one uses a custom slot type to capture any value a bit like the LITERAL type.

For the US one I thought I might as well use LITERAL however I can't choose LITERAL as a value and the parsing fails with the slot type set to LITERAL :-(

I thought this slot type was being kept for US Skills???

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Added the response for both questions below which i got reply from Alexa QnA.

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I raised the same question in Alexa QnA session. I was told in skill builder beta 'Amazon.Literal' feature was not supported.

Also, switching back from Skill builder (beta) to interactive standard model is not possible. Only way is to create another skill and copy the content in the skill builder (beta) code editor into interactive model standard mode.


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You should be able to switch back (although I haven't needed to do this with the skills I have in development). At the bottom of the beta editor, there is a section which says:

"Opt-out of Beta Preview

When you revert back to the original Developer Portal you will lose any prompts and confirmations, as well as any changes that have not been built. Please note that this action cannot be undone."

Underneath this is a button labelled "Leave Beta Preview" which should switch you back.

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Thanks. You are right. I was told in Alexa QnA not possible. Not sure if its newly added. Appreciate it.

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