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Udemy course on Alexa Skill Development

Hello All,

We are proud to offer “Comprehensive Alexa Skill Development course” on Udemy. It is the first comprehensive Udemy course on Alexa Skills Development. The course covers almost all features of Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) with real-world example skills (including a published skill), which includes 47 Lectures, source code and 9.5 hours of content.

***** Updated promotion offer ************

As a promotion, we are offering the course at discounted price for Alexa forum users. Here is the link to enroll into the course at $10 (original price is $140).

After completing this course you should be able to:

  1. Develop skill using both Lambda function and Web Service as an end point. The course also includes Node.js tutorial.
  2. Create Skills using Account linking feature of Alexa Skills Kit, so that you can link Alexa user with use in your system.
  3. Create and publish skills to Alexa Skill Store.
  4. Use most of the features of Alexa Skills Kit in your skills like:
    1. SSML tags
    2. Including card in your response
    3. Sessions feature
    4. Built-in intents and slots
    5. Account linking feature
  5. Learn how to setup your local environment, so that you can automate the process of uploading Alexa Skills from your local machine
  6. Do automated testing your skills using Mocha test framework and Python Unittest.
  7. Use FLASK-ASK framework for developing skills using Web Service as end point.
  8. Learn how to access external database like AWS DynamoDB from your Alexa Skill to store per user information

Please feel free to checkout course content and preview videos to know more about the course. If you have any questions email us



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Lotoreo avatar image Lotoreo commented ·

There seems to be the same offer for reddit. Also you just posted that post 2 days ago. Spam?

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IOTwonders avatar image IOTwonders Lotoreo commented ·


It is not spam. We posted on reddit as well. It is real comprehensive course on Alexa Skills Development, which covers almost all aspects of Skill development. As a promotion, we are offering at discounted price. Please feel free to check the course content and preview videos for free to know more about the course. If you have any questions, let us know.

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Fernando Schuab avatar image Fernando Schuab commented ·


I'm developing a radio skill, which updates APL screen info every 30 seconds getting from an external API.

I'm having big problems, since the dev version works, but the live one doesn't.

_I was using a handleTick with a SendEvent to do this. But handleTick is fast-mode and SendEvent can generate incompatibilities.

_Try a SendEvent onMount, with a hander that caught such event and checked the api and then returned a responsebuilder with Alexa.Presentation.APL.ExecuteCommands directive to execute the command again and feed back. It doesn't work either


_ A way to make queries to an external api every 30 seconds in the api, this constantly while the skill is active.

How can I do this?

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James answered

Thanks for sharing this course. I am new to Alexa Skill Development, looking for place to start learning. I went over your course content and preview videos, looks like this course really put together everything about Alexa Skill Development at one place.

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IOTwonders answered

Thanks James for your comment. I am glad you liked our course. If you face any issues please post your questions on course questions forum or you can email us at

- Mounika @IOTWonders

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