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My Project on Amazon DRS

Here is my project DRS4Baby Powered by amazon DRS..

DRS for Sanitization needs of Baby

Documentation on

Final Demo Video of DRS4Baby Powered by Amazon DRS

DRS LWA Demo video of DRS4Baby Powered by Amazon DRS

Hardware Demo Video of DRS4Baby Powered by Amazon DRS

Objective of this project is to design Low cost Solution for Amazon DRS based end products.. as a complete end to end solution with multiple slot use case.. This project uses cheap ESP8266 (<3$ ) which handles all Amazon DRS End Point APIs.. My product Registration webpage is based on simple java script for LWA process hosted on my blog ..

Your suggestions, Questions and Critics are welcome for this project.. I havent found a way to write blog here so posted as Question..



amazon appstoredash replenishment service
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Thank you very much for shaing. I'll make sure the right team see's this great project.

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Thanks @Jamie

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Here are more cool Amazon DRS Projects on our Marwadi University Maker Lab Page..

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The DRS team would like to say:

Thanks for sharing your work with us! We love the idea and are excited to see your progress. Please keep us updated as you advance!

Cheers, DRS team

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Hi Ravi,

Thank you for creating those solutions. Please feel free to post your projects as a separate forum thread, so they are not lost in comments here. Thanks!

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Hii Levon,

Is there any upcoming design contest on Amazon Dash Replenishment Services?

We have lots of crazy ideas and capability to convert it in to amazing project using Amazon DRS..

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I don't think we have anything announced right now, but be sure to check out our blog here where we will announce antyhing relevant.



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