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Link to rate app in store

I am trying to link to the app store from my app in order to allow users to rate/review the app. I usually use the following format:


This works for my other apps, but isn't working for my new app:


It just opens the app store, but doesn't show the app.

Using this format works though:

Except that it opens with Amazon Underground.

Also, I would prefer to go straight to the review page. I can do it like this:

But this opens up the review page in the browser.

1. Why is the amzn link not working?

2. How can I link directly to the app review page in the app store?

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I've tried to reproduce this, but everything looks as expected. I'm not sure I understand why it is working for all of your other apps, but not this one. Can you confirm the package name is 100% correct?

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