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Multiple Skills in one Skill

A design team unfamiliar with the call and response methodology of an alexa skill wants to know if one skill can contain a subset of skills. The team worldview is app centric it appears. My gut reply was ‘no’ that why it is called a skill and not skills. I wanted to check on this first with the development forum and see if examples exist. My only guess was the Capital One skill would be the closest, but it all relates to one api/.

Can we confirm that such is currently not possible

The most high level approach to what the expectation set forth is that an invocation would result in a menu of options that are unrelated. For example, aupon invocation One menu option could be to read a calendar api, another could be to pull in data from iot devices api, another would be check a social network—api-all this bundled into one skill.

Is it best at this time to unravel and make it multiple skills?

Lastly regarding consumer education it appears the Capital One approach to educating the user of the skill takes off the skill and removing the menu options from in-skill. Consumer education on how to interact with the skill takes place on the company website instead of via the skill itself. Invocation phrases, Intents and expected slots are taught to the enduser on the website instead of during the in-app experience

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There's no technical reason you couldn't make a skill where it does multiple things which could be separate skills. However, keep in mind the differences between app design and voice based design. In app design, people will always go to the homepage of the app first, and then navigate menus and buttons to get to the section of the app they want to work with. However, with a voice based application people aren't always going to simply open the skill, they can use a voice command to get exactly what they were looking for in the first place. As long as the functionality is related I don't see a huge issue with it, but if the information and functionality would be considered different categories I'd suggest splitting it up into multiple skills.

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