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how to get payment

HI, can you tell me how to get software income here? as we already have one-year software income but we don't know how to operate, while the page of payment information seems no any presentation. thanks for your help in advance

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Amazon do not provide any direct way to make money on Alexa skills. I suggest a number of strategies for monetizing skills in my book: Personally, I have actively tried three things to make money on Alexa skills. 1) I wrote the above mentioned book. It did rather better than I expected. But, having said that, at the $1 price point, I only make $0.35 a copy. My quarterly royalty check just barely reached into three figures. I think there is room in the market for additional programming-the-alexa books (especially ones aimed at beginners, or those programming in something other than java/javascript). But don't expect to send your kids through college on the proceeds. 2) Contracting and consultancy. The company I do my Alexa work under, TsaTsaTzu, is (arguably) the premier provider of Alexa skills and expertise. We're happy to contract out to people wishing to produce quality Alexa skills that drive real business value. To date we've been approached by one single person. They wanted to pay bottom-dollar for a quickie demo plus several hours of hand-holding to talk them through setting it up and deploying it. (Through our contacts it was also apparent they reached out to several people concurrently.) We were unable to conclude a deal with them. 3) Pull advertising. The Starlanes skill offers players the option of receiving a bonus in-game in return to listening to an ad. This is in trial mode at the moment with only free ads. Once we reach 10,000 impressions a month we will open it up to paid advertising. Probably via a firm that markets radio ads. We're pretty happy with the number of ads listened to per active player. We're pretty unhappy with the number of active players of the game. We have a major upgrade to the game specifically targeted at increasing retention coded and ready for release. It's just that current experience with recent changes to the certification process makes us doubtful that we can successfully roll out the upgrade. The flaws in the process currently discourage innovation and Starlanes is, by far, the most complicated and feature rich skill in the market. So there you have it. We've probably tried harder than anyone to make money on the Alexa service, and have very little to show for, oh, call it $75,000 of time invested. The prognosis is sufficiently dim that we're going to seriously consider divesting from Alexa altogether in the new year. My advice to you is "do it for love, not for money".
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