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How PING can work on existing connection when libcurl used for downchannel

hi all,

in the document "Managing an HTTP/2 Connection with AVS",

it says,

If using libcurl, your client must make a GET request to /ping every 5 minutes to maintain the connection

but when I try to implement the concept, I get the error from libcurl. the libcurl says:

"curl_easy_perform() failed: Failed initialization"

since the 1st downchannel was established, and wait for getting data from AVS. There is no data from AVS if there is no any audio data captured. In that state, the curl of downchannle is inuse, and the transfer is NOT complete, and not accept to send PING to AVS.

how to send PING using the existing connection when using libcurl?


how to send PING using the same curl that was established ?

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