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How many times does it take submitting copyright violations until someone does something?

How many times do I have to report the same copycats until they are removed?

I have reported the same exact copycats for over 3 weeks now and nothing has been done. Meanwhile I am losing sales and they now have sales. I am now suffering financial damages from this infringement! This is ridiculous! There should be a way to protect our designs against copycats.

How are we supposed to have time to create new content when we have to spend hours each day checking our designs and resubmitting copyright infringement forms over and over again?

The perceived value and quality of Merch by Amazon products and the copyright holders is being damaged by inferior copies of the original work which is pixelized or has other defects.

When copycats are taken down why do we not receive any of the commissions they have made from our copyrighted work ? If this copyright violation was taken to court the copyright holder would be due "damages" and any profits from the infringing work would be paid to the original copyright holder from the infringer.

I am growing very tired of this and I am about to delete every design on Merch by Amazon and go someplace else that will protect original creators better. It should not take 3 weeks and 6 reports to 2 different departments (and still no action has been taken ) for the infringes to be taken down. If I was a Disney I could have a listing removed immediately. If I was a multinational conglomerate I could have an FBA listing shutdown in a heartbeat. And during this time even more copycats jumped on the listing so their is the original copycat from 3 weeks ago and now I've got multiple ones with more showing up every day!

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T-Shirt Design Fan answered

I find it very discouraging that none of the Amazon moderators come here to comment on these threads. At least acknowledge WHY these seem to take so long and what the process entails so we know we're not wasting our time submitting reports. I've seen so many threads like this on here and no one from Amazon never really addresses why this takes so long.

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Daniela answered

I am in the same exact situation, I have been reporting pixel by pixel copycat 2-3 times a day for 10 days now... Now the copycats of the same shirt are SIX and my sales and royalties dropped almost to zero.

I have used the form provided and also emailed to everyday. Very discouraging, and ad you were saying it is time consuming and also we should be paid the commissions of the dishonest sellers that copy copy copy. I hope Amazon will solve this BIG problem because it is ridiculous.

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Ramen Noodles answered

I can't get anyone to respond when I email copyright@amazoncom.

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Pratik answered

I'm in the same exact situation. Out of the 3 I reported (2 for 1 same t-shirt and third one for a different t-shirt) I received response today on the 2nd one (which has one copycat) from copyright@amazon that they are in process of removing it. However, it's still live. And this was also 2nd time trying to report in the 2 weeks of duration of myself waiting for a response.

Like many have suggested here including @Leia@Amazon, I think I'm going to now forward it to merch sellers email and try to have Merch team get to remove them. Because they are seriously eating my sales. I sold 3 of that first t-shirt today whereas my copycat is at an unbelievable rank and has likely sold over 5-7 t-shirts today, so much lost money & royalties for me.

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Dan avatar image Dan commented ·

Tried that!

Filled out the infringement form. Got the usual response of need more info please resubmit.

Forwarded to merch sellers contact, told to send to copright@amazon.

Forwarded to copyright, awaiting response.

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Pratik avatar image Pratik Dan commented ·

But many others told that they get it taken care of? I hope I won't be asked again to forward to copyright@amazon because that (or report an infringement) is what usually we do.

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Leia@Amazon avatar image Leia@Amazon ♦♦ commented ·

Please direct all feedback to The merch-sellers-contactus@ address is for account-specific inquiries. We will tell all content creators to work directly with regarding their legal claims of infringement.

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Pratik avatar image Pratik Leia@Amazon ♦♦ commented ·

@Leia@Amazon I was under the impression that when we don't get response, like you suggested, we should forward the email/mail you at merch sellers email. I just sent one around the midnight having no replies to my reports sent from 2 weeks ago.

Should this be no longer done? Because I am afraid since we're not getting much positive response even when sending to


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